The Giants Band plays a selection of European folk music.  There are specific tunes for each of the five dances:

  • Jordi’s dance – Inana He
  • Manresa (waltz) – Mazurka Limousin
  • Kelham – 3 bourree tunes (or 2 if we’re doing just half the dance!)
  • The BIGG dance – Nonsuch / La Morisque
  • The Fountain dance – Sherwood Forest / La Belle Halimande

We also have a number of set tunes that work well together for parades and processions, as well as for occasional ‘music only’ spots (usually occurring when the porters need a rest!) and a few tunes that we’re working on playing for our own amusement.  Suggestions for new music are always welcome.

You can view or download a PDF of the tunes we currently play here:
Giants Set
[last updated: August 2017]

The same tunes are available in mp3 format below.


Procession & musical spot tunes: