Welcome from War and Peace

War and Peace give you a very warm welcome to the Sheffield City Giants’ website!

They are the UK’s only Catalan-style processional Giants, belonging to the people of the City of Sheffield.  The Friends of the Sheffield City Giants take care of the two Giants, War and Peace, and take them out and about performing specially choreographed dances for the public to see – and having a lot of fun!

Have a good look at our photo and video galleries, find out about the history and traditions of Gianting in the UK and elsewhere in the world, and contact us.


Sorry, the Giants are currently unable to take on new bookings.

Requirements for dance performances:

  • A level, firm and reasonably smooth surface
  • A dance space of around 20 square metres, plus room for the band
  • An arena which is safe for the public

Requirements for processions:

  • Up to around 1 mile on reasonably level, firm ground, with no hills
  • The route should be reasonably wide and should avoid low telegraph wires, bunting, overhanging foliage etc – ideal clearance around 4.5 metres
  • In most cases the route will be checked by one of the crew in advance.